International Marketing Communications

We develop brand experiences for international markets

So you have a great product that sells well in your current market. But will it do so well in other markets? Addressing cultural differences successfully can make the difference between success and failure.

Your brand will guide consumer expectations. What is positive in one culture could be taboo in others. Unlike international travel where tourists are provided certain accommodations, your product or services will not receive such graciousness. The IdeaSpice team consists of people from all walks of life from all over the world that help our customers traverse these markets successfully.

Our solutions are effective because we have people there!

IdeaSpice has multinational brand development experts in our locations in Africa, Australia, Bahrain, India, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and the United States. We our backed by Spice Holdings which has interests in every key facet of marketing and brand development. Our resources range from interior design to market research to graphic design to web solutions.




We are a plugged-in, multinational, marketing communications firm with a specialty in building and reinventing brand experiences.

We are a team of specialists in specialized roles backed by our business communications accreditation (ABC), strategic award winning design and technological where-with-all.

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